Stewart Warner Concert Grand Suitcase is a portable record player by Stewart Warner company probably made in the 1940's.

Its called a suitcase because it it have a handle and a lock with 4 feet on the bottom so it can stand like a suitcase.

It can play 45's, 12's and 7's.



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Design[edit source | edit]

It is a rectangle shape with two hinges on the back and a cooling vent with 4 metal feet.

The top is a light brown with a little white under it as same with the bottom. The middle is a tan square pattern.

The front have the metal handle and lock with the top part of the lock being on the top half.

Inside[edit source | edit]

The roof of the inside have the words STEWART - WARNER CONCERT GRAND with a grand piano in the middle of the words.

The bottom of the inside have four screws on each corner. In the middle is where the metal turnable that looks like it used to have green cloth on it and a piece of paper

on the tip. Next to the right side of the turnable it have a switch where you can adjust the settings of the speed it goes - 33 45 and 78.

Right above the turnable is where the square speaker is at with brown-orange cloth on top of it. To the left of the speaker is the stand for the

needle stick that is metal and light brown and is about 8 inches long to the left where it rests on a metal hook. A little to the left and i bit down to the hook

the power nob. The nob it metal and dark brown. If you turn it to the right just a little bit the turnable turns on and you keep turning it the sound goes up.

A little to the left right above the hook is where hole the white power cords come out of.

Length[edit source | edit]

The record player is about 20 inches wide 10 inches tall sitting down and 24 inches tall standing up.

Versions[edit source | edit]

There's a small blue square version.

References[edit source | edit]