Dr. O.T. Sykes, also known as the singing dentist was born in County, Arkansas|Cross County, Arkansas. Hes main genre of music was soul, R&B and Blues. He co wrote and produce several songs in hes first album. He credits hes music mentors Harry Winfield and Wayne Douglass for his music ideas.


When O.T. moved to Tennessee|Memphis T.N. he became an intern for Dr. Arthur Gipson.

When he was in college he started writing and singing songs. His first album First Love got very popular throughout the tri-sate area and he bcome to be know as the singing dentist.


"Love Album|First Love" 8 Songs" 1981

"Prescription Is Love" 10 Songs 1997


Come Be My Lady / Stone Crush On You 1981
Chain Gang
My First Love (7")
Missing You (12")
Woman, a Lover, a Friend|A Woman, A Lover, A Friend / I Need Somebody's Loving Bad (7")
Stone Crush On You / My First Love (7")
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (7")